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Captain Jack's Jackpot(July 6th- July 8th)

Jul 5, 2018

Dear Captains:
BREAKING NEWS! New Captain Jack's Jackpot unveiled, with brand new gameplay and awesome prizes! Don't wait, come join in the fun now and see if you are one of Lady Luck's favorites! Now, not only do you have the chance to pull for rare items such as  Departed Soul (Permanent) , Shockwaves (Permanent) , Billow (Permanent) , Shadowsong(Permanent),Permanent Gem Process Machine(Level 3).

Event Period:1:00am July 6th to 23:59 July 8th EST (GMT-5)

Event Details:Every time, players who purchase the required amount of VC points during this event will have the opportunity of winning the awesome gears! Please note that there are two ways of purchasing VC points. You could exchange them from IGG points, or purchase VC points directly. For every 1000 points purchased or exchanged at one go, you'll get 1 try. So 2000 points will give you 2 tries, and so on.The more VC points you purchase, the more goodies you will get!

Take a peek at the rewards you may WIN!

Combination Rewards
Grand Prize:Expedition Military Will - Fighting Desire,Billow(Permanent),Shadowsong(Permanent),Permanent Gem Process Machine(Level 3),Quick Heal Device,Ward of Lafayerte,Michael's Muster,Gold Faith Update Card*15,General Manual*6000,Modification Stone*1500
       2nd Prize: Ptolemy's Satellite(Permanent),Smelting Stone*15,Hydra Head-Scorching Fire,Hellraiser(Overlord's),Gold Faith Update Card*9,Modification Stone*300,Cursed Huge Immortal Head,Luminous Pearl*250,General Manual*2500,Special Offer Voucher*7000
       3rd Prize: Hollowness (Overlord's),Special Offer Voucher*4000,Labrinton Honor Certificate*300,Attribute Transfer Item,Gold Faith Update Card*4,General Manual*1200,Modification Stone*400,Luminous Pearl*150
       4th Prize: Captain Owleus Whistle,Gold Credits*100,Event Key*70,Proof of Honor*120,Blood Rose Fragments*300,Gold Faith Update Card*1,Special Offer Voucher*800,General Manual*300,Modification Stone*50
       5th Prize: Special Offer Voucher*300,Proof of Honor*70,Consortia Habor War Battle Award*30,Blood Rose Fragment*100,General Manual*100,Gold Credits*40,Modification Stone*25
2 Same Icons 6th Prize: You’ve got one more chance to pull!
Other than the shown
combinations above
Consolation Prize: Temple Treasure Box*60,Treasure Key*25,Event Key*15,Blazingflame Cannon*12,Special Offer Voucher*150,Proof of Honor*40,Blood Rose Fragment*25,General Manual*40,Gold Credits*20,Modification Stone*10

Come on captains! Seize this opportunity and win yourselves some fantastic gears!  Click HERE  to try your luck on the VC .

Notice:Please select and claim your prizes from the Reward Inquiry page before the event is over or it will be forfeited.

The List of Lucky Player

Alc**** Grand Prize
Boeser**** Grand Prize
Heils**** Grand Prize
expe**** Grand Prize
expe**** 2ndPrize*2
icantri**** 2ndPrize
lc**** 2ndPrize


The VCO Team,IGG