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The Guide To Forge Stone

Jul 24, 2012

It's really sad to see the recasting skill go away after bad recasting, we understand that, so we try to help.

Forge Stone: Can be used to paste the attributes of the forging page. (It can not be traded)

Please click here to get it.

How to use Forge Stone:

1. After recasting, your weapon's attribute will increase or decrease, and your weapon will gain a skill.

2. Please click "Command"-"Interaction"-"Rebuilding Record Menu".

3. After opening the menu, please put your weapon in it, and then click "Copy", your recasting skill will be kept there.



4. Then you could challenge new recasting skill.

5. Now you could save this recasting as before, and you could also get back the recasting skill you lost.

6. The recasting skill comes back now.