Lucky Egg

Please Login First!

Event Rules:

1. To participate: You must have at least 20 forum Karmas.
2. To Participate: Log onto the event page, and use the hammer to smash 1 Easter Egg, after this,
    20 Karmas will be deducted from your account, and you will obtain corresponding gift.

Rewards Information:

1. High-Level Refined Steel,High-Level Pure Steel Plate,High-Level Comfortable Handle, High-Level Refined Steel Thread,High-Level Blood Stone,High-Level Flame Stone,High-Level Amethyst Stone, High-Level Holy Spirit Stone.
2. Blood Stone, Flame Stone, Holy Spirit Stone, Blaze Stone, Windstorm Stone, Huge Power Stone, Holy water
3. Phase 3 skill manual
4. Refined Steel, Pure Steel plate, Comfortable Handle, Refined Steel Thread
Rod, Fine fishing rod, Navigation fishing rod, Deep-sea fishing rod
5. Pure Steel, Steel plate, Handle, Steel Thread
6. 25 Score Cards